Welcome to my rose garden!

The garden all started when a friend said, "If you don't want weeds, you have to plant something else." Hmmmm...sounded like something I say to counseling students, "If you don't want to fulfill the desires of the flesh you have to walk in the Spirit."  So, since that made sense, I started planting--and everything promptly died. Then another friend said, "You can't plant Midwestern flowers in southern California!  What you plant in your area is roses."  Hmmmmm...sounded a lot like a lecture I once did exhorting people to bloom where God intended them to grow, not where we might think we would grow best." So...I started looking at roses. Another friend said, "Hey, I work for a rose company that destroys bare root roses at the end of the season when its too hot to mail them--I'll save some from the shredder for you--and so she did. I planted my first 50 (yes, 50!) bare root roses in my garden.

Miracle of all miracles, they grew, and GREW! In fact, their beauty was so inspiring and the success of something thriving instead of dying was so exhilarating, I began to research roses online and started ordering all kinds of varieties, just to see what they would look like!  When some friends at First Baptist Church of Lake Orion learned about my garden project, (and the fact that I had a whole lot more space without roses), they decided to have a part in the garden project and gave me a gift of several antique roses. At present, the garden has grown to over 200 different roses from our modern hybrid teas to old garden roses and miniatures.

The garden has not only become a great place to visit with friends and resort to for rest and relaxation, but a great place to find a never ending supply of illustration about life and the cultivation of spiritual fruit. In fact, finding garden parallels to counseling issues and "garden" passages in the Bible has become as much a delightful hobby as the roses themselves! Come stop awhile and smell the roses and take a tour of the garden!

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