The criteria I use to select speaking engagements are based on likeminded doctrinal position and objectives, availability of time, and suitability of subject matter to my area of knowledge and expertise. I am passionately committed to a long standing decision to accept speaking engagements as a labor of love, first to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and second to be a blessing and encouragement to likeminded ladies as well as to the pastors who seek Biblical instruction for them. Because I do not regard speaking as a business or a means of income, I do not require any set fees. However, I do accept honorariums, which can be designated either to my home church or to myself. This is left to the discretion of the host church; however, I do require reimbursement for all travel expenses.

To inquire about the possibility of scheduling a meeting, please send an email to myself or our church secretary stating who you are, what church you are affiliated with, and the details of the meeting. After receiving your email, arrangements to discuss the details of the event will be made.  If your particular needs and objectives are in harmony with mine, I will certainly give serious thought and prayer to accepting your invitation. I do discuss the acceptance of speaking engagements with my husband and decide together with him whether it will fit into our schedule.

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