Early in our married life together, God gave us two wonderful children to rear. Debi went into child rearing with the same zeal and enthusiasm (and hard work) that characterizes her approach to all her activities. It wasn’t long before other mothers started coming to her for advice on this problem or that. Her reply always was to turn to the Word of God for the answers. By God’s grace she developed an uncanny ability to apply biblical principles to daily living and parenting. Sometime later, under the auspices of our pastor, she began a Ladies’ Bible study for the stay-at-home moms, whereby she could multiply the gifts and experience that God had given her. During the course of this ministry, many counseling opportunities challenged her to continue to develop the skill in practical Bible application that had become a characteristic of her ministry. Now that our children our grown, she is able to teach Christian womanhood, parenting, and counseling to ladies all over the USA and even into Europe and Asia. I am thankful to God that he has enabled my wife to enjoy such a rich ministry to so many. I am also thankful for Pastors who have seen the benefits, and supported her in her ministry. I count it a privilege to be a partner with her in this ministry as she has been a partner in mine.

Tom Pryde (Debi Pryde's husband)

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