Women Counseling Women

 Do you ever wonder what makes people behave the way they do and what brings about genuine change? Would you like to learn how to solve problems using Biblical principles? Do you have an interest in helping others through mentoring, teaching or counseling? The material covered in Women Counseling Women Basics is designed to answer these and other questions related to solving people problems. It compares secular psychology with Biblical counseling and explores the foundational presuppositions of both as they relate to dealing with various behavioral problems. Basics provides an understanding of basic Biblical concepts and a practical Biblical approach to problem solving and change.

 Who may come?

The Women Counseling Women program is ideally suited to women who serve in leadership positions in their church, or who are engaged in counseling, teaching, or mentoring. While pastors wives, missionaries and Bible study teachers are our main focus, this course is not limited to those who hold staff positions. Any woman who teaches or assists others in their Christian walk will find the material invaluable. It will not only transform the way one deals with others—it will transform the way one deals with change on a personal level. Basics is geared toward women who are well grounded spiritually. Young women who have graduated from high school and have demonstrated interest and spiritual maturity may attend. A pastor’s referral is required. Mental health professionals are welcome.

 What is the class like?

This seminar is the equivalent of a condensed one semester college level course. The power point lectures move very fast and include interactive study in small groups. Each student is provided with an extensive textbook that is used during the seminar. The Guiding Principles for Biblical Counselors notebook is set up for further study and reference that can be used later, and includes reproducible handouts. Recommendations for further study and reading will be made. One-on-one assistance will be available.

 What about credit?

College credit is available through Pacific Baptist College for those who wish to complete additional written assignments, exams and book reports at home. Women Counseling Women can also be used as CEU’s.

 Advanced study program (Specifics)

Women Counseling Women Basics forms the foundation for further training in advanced counseling techniques that will enable the student to deal effectively with specific problems encountered in various counseling and discipleship settings. Those who wish to study specific problems using the principles covered in Basics are able to complete the entire cycle by attending Specifics four years in a row. There is no particular order to the Specifics material, so one may join the yearly group at any time in the cycle once the prerequisite Basics class has been completed. A total of 8 Specifics textbooks are covered in the four year cycle and include problems common in church ministry, life-dominating problems, sexual issues, crisis counseling, and a variety of problems common to women and children. Those who complete Basics and four years of Specifics will receive a certificate of completion.

 When and where?

The Basics seminar is conducted one time a year in November at Ironwood Christian Camp located in Newberry Springs, California. It is also held one time a year in April at CoBeAc Christian Camp in Houghton Lake, Michigan. The specifics classes are held in January at Ironwood and in October (immediately following Basics) at Camp CoBeAc.

For further information about Women Counseling Women in California contact:
Ironwood Christian Camp
Newberry Springs, California
(760) 257-3503


For further information about Women Counseling Women in Michigan contact:
Camp CoBeAc
Houghton Lake, MI
Cindy Ferrier
(989) 366-5162


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