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1 Affairs of the Mind - Help for those struggling in their thought life Debi Pryde
2 After The Storm, Then What? - Letter written to a woman whose husband committed adultery and demonstrated evidence of genuine repentance. Debi Pryde
3 Battleplan for Victory - A series of five lessons that list scriptures that explain how a Christian wins victory over sin (the world, the flesh and the devil). Debi Pryde
4 Benefits of Knowing the Word of God - A series of five lessons Debi Pryde
5 Bible Study Booklist (Favorites) - Oft used Bible study books Tom Pryde
6 Birthmarks of Salvation - Help for those wanting assurance of salvation Debi Pryde
7 Burned-out Christian Workers- Help for those who are busy in Christian work, but weary and worn. Debi Pryde
8 Child Protective Services (How to work with) - This handout is designed to be both informative and encouraging to those who are or may likely find themselves needing helpful information. Debi Pryde
9 From Fear to Faith - Help for those who struggle with assurance after making a profession of faith. Debi Pryde
10 Getting To Know Your Perfect Heavenly Father - Fill-in-the blank scripture study describing God as our Father. Debi Pryde
11 God Can Heal a Broken Heart - Encouragement for believers who are grieving over any kind of loss. Debi Pryde
12 Heaven - What is it Like? - Bible passages that give us clues as to what Heaven is like. Debi Pryde
13 Hope, When You Want to End It All . . . Debi Pryde
14 Light in the Darkness - Help for women who are tempted by or enslaved by pornography Debi Pryde
15 Miscarriage - An Untimely Birth - Encouragement for those who have lost a baby before birth. Debi Pryde
16 Our Number One Problem - A very short description providing "food for thought" Debi Pryde
17 Perfect Counselor - Jesus Christ our Example Debi Pryde
18 Satan Our Enemy - Description of Satan's methods, power and limitations. Debi Pryde
19 Saved Without a Doubt - How to know for sure you are saved and going to Heaven when you die. Debi Pryde
20 Snares and Nets - Biblical look at adultery and what underlies it. Debi Pryde
21 Submission to Husbands (And its Limitations) - A discussion of Biblical submission, its perimeters and responsibilities. This would be of interest to both husbands and wives. Debi Pryde
22 Who Am I? - Answers to the questions "Who am I and why am I here?" from a Christian perspective Debi Pryde
23 Who Is Counseling Our Women? - A discussion on the importance of training women how to counsel and apply the Scriptures to life's problems. Debi Pryde
24 Why Come Forward During a Church Invitation? - Explanation of the "invitation" and why it is helpful in the life of believers. Debi Pryde
25 Will of God  - Overview for those seeking God's will in their life. Debi Pryde
26 Wisdom - Scripture outline for personal study giving Biblical reasons why wisdom is essential, how one becomes wise and what wisdom "looks like." Debi Pryde
27 Worldliness and Separation - Answers questions revolving around Christian separation and the concept of "worldliness" Debi Pryde